About Suburban Pagans

Suburban Pagans launched in April 2022, the mad fever dream of Keith Allison, founder of the venerable and broken-down pioneering online cult film review site, Teleport City. One simply gets to the point where the amount of baggage a site accumulates necessitates a fresh start. But if you knew Teleport City, then you know pretty much what to expect here, though hopefully with fewer typos.

Teleport City was forged in the fires of Hong Kong action cinema and Italian cop films, and Suburban Pagans is certainly going to carry on that rich tradition, reviving and revising old TC content as well as working with a cast of stellar contributors to publish all-new material (no content generation here). When I was but a young sprout, there were several people who helped me along, or who came along, on my long journey from a small town in Kentucky to the wise man of the world you see before you today. Without their kindness and patience, I doubt I would have developed the tastes I have today, and while I may make a joke about said taste from time to time, ultimately I am pretty happy with where I am and the road ahead of me.

In that spirit, let Suburban Pagans always be a welcoming, if sometimes ramshackle place. Let it never be a gatekeeper, always a gate opener. Let it be about promoting openness and diversity in entertainment and entertainment writing. Let it be a welcoming place for the grizzled old veterans to the brand spanking new, to the wide-eyed obsessive to the wide-eyed neophyte to the casual fan just passing through.

Our goal is to celebrate global cult culture, from movies to music, books, drinks, and travel destinations. Every few months, a new season will drop, featuring reviews (and perhaps a few surprises) and articles about a particular topic or theme. We’re not here to poke fun (except for the occasional good-natured ribbing) or eviscerate. We’re here, to quote Langston Hughes describing Alain Locke in The Big Sea, to be “a gentleman of culture, happy to help others enjoy the things he had learned to enjoy.”